Paws-2-Play Requirements

In order to be a guest at the Paws-2-Play, your pet must be spayed/neutered and must be up-to-date on the following vaccinations:

  • Dogs – Rabies, Distemper/Parvo booster (Da2PP) , Bordetella( every 6 months), Intestinal parasite screen

We will be happy to provide any necessary vaccinations upon your arrival at the Bed ‘n Biscuit.  We strive to provide the Best Care possible for our patients so we do not just “give shots.” We also offer customized vaccine protocol based on the patients individual needs.  A wellness exam is included along with the needed vaccinations.  Our Animal Healthcare Team is here to provide any needed medical services while your pet is with us; anything from a dental cleaning to treatment of chronic ear issues.

Paws-2-Play Daycare
$19.00 / per day
Who doesn’t enjoy a fun day out with friends? That wonderful feeling is what Paws-2-Play does for your canine family members. They spend the day on our half-acre fenced playground running and having fun with their friends. Large, small, and in-between, there is a perfect play group waiting for your pet. All dogs need physical activity and socialization time. By bringing out the best in your dog both mentally and physically, Paws-2-Play will make your dog an even better family member. A tired dog is a happy dog and Paws-2-Play dogs are the happiest of all!

10% off if you Pre-Pay for a month of Paws 2 Play Daycare! Call for details (256) 852-3300