After graduation from Auburn University in 2002, Kevin Lowe worked as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in veterinary hospitals in Chattanooga, WDC., and Atlanta, moving home to Huntsville to develop his own practice. In 2006 our desired location area was determined by demographic analysis. In 2007 we negotiated for a 3.2 acre out-parcel with a new Winchester Plaza shopping center developer. The Flint River Animal Hospital (FRAH) was constructed and “open for services” by April 2, 2009.

We began with a zero client base and have exceeded our business plan in several aspects. Revenue growth, break even, staff hires, debt reduction have all been way ahead of plan. Our client base has grown to over 5000 in 8 years and continues to grow at over 60 new clients per month. We have outgrown our facility and have added a second 5600 sqft building for FRAH Bed ‘N Biscuit Boarding, doggie day-care, and grooming.

Between FRAH vision and construction completion, the economy plummeted, and we actually opened amidst the chaotic US economic environment. With attitude of “where there is chaos there is opportunity”, we optimistically believed starting with nothing would only mean growth. Our new BnB facility comes as a result of client demand.

FRAH has performed over 18,000 pet/patient interactions in the last 12 month. With FRAH’s current health care team of 31, our Veterinary Practice Owner and Veterinary Practice Manager, now encourage, empower, and equip a leadership team for veterinary technicians, boarding, and grooming.

FRAH focuses on client education and making the client an integral informed partner on the pet Health Care Team. The better the client is educated in proper care of their pet the better daily care the pet will receive at home over its lifetime.

The veterinary industry is a business of individuals of compassion and caring for pets and pet owners. It is also human nature to care for each other as we are commanded to love our creator’s creation, to love one another, our neighbors as our self. Volunteering to help others in our communities, churches, schools, and supporting organizations that help other people and pets in need, helps us to exist outside of ourselves and live a life of compassion and caring. FRAH employees are engaged daily in work of compassion but also are encouraged and supported in living a life of caring throughout community.

FRAH was selected by the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce as 2012 Small Business of the Year for Professional Services. FRAH was also selected by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as one of the top 100 Small Businesses of the Year Blue Ribbon Award Winners for 2013. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have been awarded the #1 Best in Business Award by client nomination for 4 years.